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Welcome to Sexmagnet First Class Escorts!

Welcoming the First Class... The Sexmagnet team would like to give a warm welcome to First Class Escorts. We will be placing over a period of time there entire roster of girls to both Sexmagnet and Hotstar! Please give them and there beautiful girls a warm welcome by leaving a comment or two. [spacer] [spacer]…
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About us

New Page Added: Events

Find out about the latest details regarding the craziest ‘adult themed’ parties ever right here on Sexmagnet! Visit our new Events page here.

About us

Become a model


Are you interested in being a featured model on Sexmagnet? Do you have an adult orientated service you’d like to offer to users who visit the website? Are you an escort or stripper without a way to advertise your services? If you answered yes to any of those questions please feel free to visit our application page for further details here.

Please be aware that in order to advertise or have a profile of yourself placed on our website, you must be 18 years of age or older.

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JOINING SEXMGNET… updates, parties and exclusive content:

Get updates and links to the latest models profiles and services added to Sexmagnet.

Events and parties:
Every year Sexmagnet holds the most exclusive parties for both its members and models. Get the chance to meet all our models in one place with an open bar running the entire night. Ask our models out on dates, make plans on the night and arrange meeting plans, all this and more!

Exclusive content:
Joining and registering on our newsletter feed is a great way to find out about the latest and greatest info regarding everything… Sexmagnet.

For the latest updates regarding Sexmagnet, its events, parties and exclusive content offered stay in touch by signing up to our newsletter here.

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GET TO KNOW US BETTER… Our philosophy:

Quality… without a doubt is Sexmagnet’s prime objective. The team behind Sexmagnet has extremely high quality standards when it comes to building and maintaining our platform. We encourage all our models to do photo shoots with our qualified and highly talented photographers to get the very best photographs and images of themselves.

We keep strict and up to date information regarding all our models and constantly encourage each and every member to update their portfolios on a constant basis.

Want to know more about Sexmagnet? Visit our in-depth ‘About’ section here.

About us

On a mission


Our core mission at Sexmagnet is to provide our members and browsers the very best online experience and chance to find exactly what they are searching for by uploading as many model profiles and adult orientated services as possible.

We will do our very best to find and source the most desirable models in the adult services industry. Sexmagnet will strive to maintain the highest quality possible on its website(s) as well as keep all its featured models images and information up to date.

Want to know more about Sexmagnet? Visit our in-depth ‘About’ section here.


About us

About Sexmagnet… Our Goal

Our Goal:

Sexmagnet’s main goal is to create the most user-friendly and beautiful platform for both browsers and members seeking to find adult based services.
Besides providing browsers and our members a great online experience we also strive to create the very best profiles for the various models who appear on our site.

Want to know more about Sexmagnet? Visit our in-depth ‘About’ section here.