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At Sexmagnet, we’re always doing our very best to keep ahead with the times by improving our website and digital content featured on our platforms. This in turn helps push the very boundaries our industry strives for – exposure.
One method we’ve recently made available for all our featured models, clubs and lounges is the inclusion of video content. We decided to add videos to our models, club and lounge portfolio pages to help our members and visitors to our site(s) to get a better idea of who they’re looking at and what they’re about. At the same time this also allows all our featured models to express themselves in another medium and helps show off our featured clubs and lounges venues.

We offer our video recording services to all our registered models, clubs and lounges at reasonable prices. If you’re interested in creating or filming yourself, club or lounge for a video to add to your portfolio please contact us using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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