The craziest events ever!

Every year, Sexmagnet holds the very best and most exclusive parties on the face of the planet! We bring together all our featured models, club and lounge owners and invite all our visitors and members to meet each other.
It’s the perfect opportunity for our models to meet new clients and great for members and visitors of our site(s) to finally meet and actually see the models they’ve been drooling over. Our parties are also a great way for owners of adult orientated businesses to make new contacts as well.

Besides being able to make new contacts and meet the model of your dreams, you’ll be able to have one hell of a time. We have open bars running the whole night, rooms available for sleep overs (for those of you who partied a bit too hard) and we even have some of our masseuse models showing off their skills on the night. Sexmagnets parties are just the most insane parties ever!

Keep visiting our site to find out where and when the next Sexmagnet party will take place. Or simply join our newsletter by filling out the contact form below to get up to date news from month to month.

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