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Sex Magnet - Magnet logo {focus_keyword} Zero the Hero! Sex Magnet Magnet logoWelcome to Sex Magnet, home to only the hottest escorts, masseurs and strippers on the web. Browse through our many profiles of featured models, stripper lounges, agencies, stores and many more to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Sex Magnet has been South Africa’s elite adult services site since 2006! We have been instrumental in offering South Africans a variety of adult services on a platform that is incomparable to any other.
We have an extensive amount of information available regarding sex health, sex tips and a variety of escorts, masseuse and service providers within the adult industry that you can get in touch with. Visit the various profiles throughout Sex Magnet, leave a comment or two and enjoy.

A little bit more about Sex Magnet

2006 & beyond

Since 2006 Sex Magnet has been instrumental in offering its members and browsers from across Southern Africa (and even globally) an online platform for adult based services. Sex Magnet is widely regarded as the ultimate destination for the widest selection of models, escorts, masseurs, strippers and the like. Besides offering such a broad variety of profiles, Sex Magnet was and is also used as an advertising platform for many companies, businesses and agencies to promote their adult orientated services.

Worxxx takes over

What separates Sex Magnet from other adult classifieds is our dedication to quality. Our mission was to create an elite, elegant and highly sophisticated platform for men and women involved in the adult industry to advertise their services or businesses to as many browsers as possible.

With Worxxx at the helm of Sex Magnets design and marketing strategy, Sex Magnet has now been able to do go beyond what it set out to do. Worxxx has brought new depth to Sex Magnet and has assisted with the development of various systems within our directory. Our aim and mission still remains the same – to provide the adult industry with a unique and well presented online experience.

The Sex Magnet guarantee

Sex Magnet has since it’s conception been all about bringing high quality service to its clients and audience. Our mission here at Sex Magnet is to ensure that quality is always in check at that our clients get the most exposure possible. Below are just four reasons Sex Magnet stays on top of it’s game and remains the number one adult destination on the web:


the highest quality

Quality is without a doubt Sex Magnet’s prime objective. The team behind Sex Magnet has extremely high quality standards when it comes to building and maintaining our platform. We encourage all our models to do photo shoots with our qualified and highly talented photographers to get the very best photographs, images and videos of themselves.


a great browsing experience

Our core mission at Sex Magnet is to provide our members and browsers the very best online experience and chance to find exactly what they are searching for by uploading as many model profiles and adult orientated services as possible. Not only do we include individual profiles but we also include agencies, gentleman’s clubs and stripper lounges as well.


many, many beautiful models

At Sexmagnet our function is to provide visitors to our site with the very best representation of our models and their services offered. We achieve this by placing various content on each models portfolio page accompanied by a short, brief written piece describing themselves and their services. The main goal is to create as many portfolio pages featuring models, agencies, stores, etc. We will ensure that we sustain both quality and diversity within our portfolios as we continue to grow.


plenty of new content updated weekly

Sex Magnet’s main goal is to create the most user-friendly and beautiful platform for both browsers and members seeking to find adult based services. Besides providing browsers and our members a great online experience we also strive to create the very best profiles for the various models who appear on our site. We always encourage our featured models to update their profile as much as possible whilst at the same time providing us with high quality images and videos of themselves as well.

Sex Magnet profiles

Sex Magnet has a variety of beautiful escorts, masseuses / masseurs and stripper profiles available for viewing. All Sex Magnet profiles have the service providers contact details listed as well so getting in touch is a breeze.

Creating a profile on Sex Magnet is also very simple; sign up, pay the set-up and keep your profile active by paying the monthly advertising fee using your credit card. We use an ultra safe payment system developed by Peach Payments and accept all card types. If you would like more information regarding signing up check out our sign up page here.

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Read what our clients and service providers have to say regarding Sex Magnet and our various services. We’ve worked with a variety of different clients over the years and all have been extremely satisfied.

If you feel that Sex Magnet coud improve its service delivery or you feel we can improve on some of our offering please let us know, we’d love to here what you think – your opinion counts! Get in touch with us using the details provided on our contact page or use the form provided and send us a message, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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