10 Tongue Tricks for Mind Blowing Oral Sex

10 Tongue Tricks for Mind Blowing Oral Sex

10 Tongue Tricks for Mind Blowing Oral Sex

We all know the basics of using your mouth as a sex tool. But do you feel like you have oral sex mastered for her ultimate pleasure? Here is some expert sex advice on 10 tantalising tongue tricks that will blow her mind in the bedroom:

1.Stimulate Her Entire clitoris

Don’t just focus on the top of the clit, Sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk recommends, but the entire area for the best oral sex – “The clitoris actually extends in a wishbone shape under the vagina lips,” make sure you service the entire area.

2.Warm It Up

The clit is incredibly delicate, before diving fully into oral sex, you need to warm it up. “For most women, the clitoris is really sensitive,” sex therapist Vanessa Marin explains, “and requires extra care when you’re just starting [oral].” Marin recommends keeping your tongue wide and flat, making long, slow licks from the bottom to the top, and lingering on the clitoris as you slide your tongue up and down.

3.Rim Job

According to sex therapist Dr. Kat Van Kirk, analingus is the new cunnilingus, and it is revolutionising oral sex – “Women are finding how turned on they get with oral anal play.” To give the best rim job, Dr. Van Kirk recommends using your mouth to bite, lick and suck around the opening, then trace your tongue up her crack to kiss her lower back.

4.Take Time to Tease

Don’t just dive in to oral sex – before getting down to the main event, psychologist Dr. Rachel Needle suggests teasing her by running your lips up and down her inner thigh. “Start with a little lick here, working down her stomach and up her thighs. Then put your lips together and gently blow.” This will drive her wild and have her begging for more.

5.Dirty Talk

Talking dirty leads to longer, harder and more frequent orgasms for your lady, according to relationship expert Laurel House. “In fact,” House says, “the guy should do 95% of the talking. It will instantly change your sex life.” Verbalise your dirty fantasies, and she will be itching to act them out.

6.Be Vocal

Don’t be afraid to say what you want, and what works best for you. Sex expert Elly Klein says you need to communicate about your sex life, to make sure you are both on the same page – “Express pleasure, give guidance and ask questions to ensure you’re pleasing her.”

7.Give Her a Full Body Experience

The obvious pleasure zones like the mouth, nipples, and neck, aren’t the only parts that will drive her wild. Sex expert Elly Klein cautions not to miss out on her secret pleasure zones, use your mouth to give her a full body experience. “Try kissing her entire back — every inch! She’ll be putty in your hands.”

8.Giver Her Goosebumps

Grazing her earlobe with the slightest whisper will make her weak at the knees, and send ripples of pleasure through her body. “Sweep your lips over her ear,” says sex expert Angel Snow, “barely touching it to create waves of goose bumps.” She will be begging for you to take her.

9.Clit Suction

According to sex columnist Lora Somoza, creating strong suction around the clit is the best way for a grand finale in oral sex. “Concentrate more on gentle suction of the clit” she says, “then use strong, flat steady strokes [with your tongue].


Many women can have a ‘nipplegasm’, or an orgasm brought on solely from nipple play. According to sex expert Angel Snow “When you’re giving the nipple some mouth action, start off away from her nipples, and she’ll be begging for you to move your mouth to please her there.”

Brush up on your oral sex techniques with these 10 sex tips, and give her an unforgettable erotic experience. Source Article from Ask Men http://www.askmen.com/sex/sex_tips/tongue-tricks.html

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