9 Steps to the Perfect Quickie

9 Steps to the Perfect Quickie

9 Steps to the Perfect Quickie

Quickies sometimes get a bad rap, but when done right, there is no reason a quickie can’t be mind-blowing sex. Quickies are an intense sexual experience, and believe it or not, women love them too. Just make sure her satisfaction is on the cards, here are 9 sex tips for the perfect quickie:


1.Get her in the mood

Quickies are usually a spontaneous affair, but scheduling it into the calendar adds a naughty twist. If you have busy schedules, why not plan the quickie to add some extra erotica. Sex is mostly mental, especially for women. Have her thinking about it all day, and she will be wet with desire before her panties drop.


2. The Risk Factor

There is nothing like the taste of danger to add an intense flavour to sex. We are not talking about life threatening performances, but the excitement of being caught in the act. A quickie with the risk of being caught, or sex under time pressure, can accelerate her orgasm, and intensify the experience.



A good location for sex goes a long way in setting the mood for a quickie, and ensuring her ultimate satisfaction. Keep her eye on the prize by avoiding uncomfortable bathrooms, or dirty hotel sheets.


4.Oral Sex

The best way to have her dripping wet in seconds, let your tongue do the work in getting her ready for sex. Start with oral and focus on her clit, and you will have her racing over the finish line. Work your way down her thighs before settling on the sweet spot, she will be ready for you in no time.


5.Focus on Her Pleasure

Think pleasure rather than orgasm, and she will reach her ultimate satisfaction sooner. While orgasm is usually the goal in sex, focusing on her pleasure rather than her peak will get her there quicker. Relax and let her lead the way, she will take you where she wants to go!


6. Position

Penetration might be a key sex act for men, but for women, the centre of pleasure is the clitoris, not the vagina. Make sure your quickie position allows for clitoral stimulation, to get her as hot as possible. Let her ride you while you rub her clit, or take her from behind while touching her, unless she enjoys touching herself.


7. Less is More 

While getting naked is usually the standard when it comes to sex, taking off as little clothing as possible can really intensify your quickie experience. Just exposing the sexy bits makes a quickie even naughtier – Slide her skirt up and drop your pans to your ankles for some raw satisfaction.


8.Use Props

Just because you are having a quickie, doesn’t mean you can’t throw some sex toys into the mix. Ties her wrists with a silk scarf, or use textures and temperatures for tantalising sex play. Blindfold her for the ultimate anticipation, which will have her begging for more.


9.Let Her Lead

Generally it is much easier for men to climax during sex, especially with a quickie. Let her lead the way, and allow her excitement to set the tone. Start with oral play, and let her initiate penetration. Her breathing and body language will guide you, soon she will be dripping wet and craving more.


Try these 9 sex tips to guide you towards the perfect quickie. Source Article from Ask Men: http://www.askmen.com/sex/sex_tips/how-to-have-a-quickie.html

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