DIY Household Sex Toys

DIY Household Sex Toys

DIY Household Sex Toys

Sex toys are a great way to add flavour to the bedroom, and spice up your sex play. While your nearby sex shop will have plenty of sex toys to choose from, you might be surprised at how erotic your everyday household objects can be:

Good Vibrations:

The rampant rabbit sex toy isn’t the only option for good vibrations. “Many women appreciate the hum of a washing machine spin cycle, or the grind of a back massager,” says erotica author Alison Tyler. A cell phone’s vibration is the perfect foreplay to stimulate her clitoris, or for a more direct approach, place a condom on the base of an electric toothbrush and slide it inside her.


If you like the idea of sexual domination, you don’t need to go all out with ball gags and handcuffs. Everyday items of clothing are the perfect sex toy substitute to introduce BDSM to the bedroom. Try binding her wrists with a belt, using a tie as a gag, or a silk scarf as a blindfold. Improvising sex toys with everyday items can be a major turn on – “I still remember being tied up with climbing cables,” says Tyler, “That sensation jars me to my core whenever he gets his gear ready for another climb.”


Has she been a naughty girl? Spatulas and spoons make great spankers, and using your kitchen utensils as sex toys will result in erotic associations. Sex therapist Ava Cadell says “when you have an intimate relationship with objects in your home, you create a sexy overall atmosphere without even knowing it.”


Erotic massage is great foreplay, and incorporating some household sex toys promises a mind-blowing experience. Sex play using different textures will drive her wild, and have her senses on fire. “One of my favourite homemade sex toys is a soft bristle toothbrush,” Cadell says. “Use it to lightly stroke and tease different parts of her body, including all of those hidden erogenous zones.”

Fresh Produce:

Many vegetables have a phallic resemblance, so it’s no surprise that they make great DIY sex toys. Firm vegetables like cucumber and zucchini work best, just be sure to use a condom, and be careful of anal play. “Won’t you have fun choosing the perfect size at the grocery store?” Tyler says. “Everyone around you might be shopping for a salad, but you’re shopping for a sex toy.”

Source Article from Mens Health

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