Sex At OR Tambo

I adore Johannesburg, Multi racial, everybody has got something great to offer in this vibrant city.Full of entrepreneurs from  the super rich,to the man selling chappies and bananas on his own home made table on a street corner on Rivonia. Jo’burg has  10 months summer,we by far the friendliest people in the country,we the wealthiest city in Africa.

I even love the stigma of the crime rate that’s associated with Jo’burg. See, when foreigners are in transit they are told that once you leave O.R Tambo airport it’s like a scene of Baghdad, gun shots everywhere and minimum chance of survival. Thankfully they believe this BS, I’m petrified for the day when someone will realize that the crime rate statistics are based on townships and that Sandton is nothing more dangerous than any other major city in the world.

Anyway,this believe results in the men staying inside their hotel rooms and ordering some two legged room service… Hooooray! Which subsequently makes OR Tambo the biggest brothel in the world.

Within 6 hours of being live on the world wide web my first “serious” call came in.
The client was American and his drawl in his accent,made me guess that he was from the Southern part of USA. I explained to him the rates and chose my words very careful ,when I described the services,using words like we offering full house or the full monty.

The client told me he was from Houston Texas and he is at OR Tambo airport..
He told me he wanted a real African lady,I explained to him that I am caucasian and he replied its ok if I’m white as long as i was born and raised in Africa… Well I guess I am a real African girl even though I’m white. He wanted me to stay for 1 hour and we agreed on an amount in US dollars as outcall are more expensive than in calls. I called myself Foxy.

I got dressed, didn’t want to look too sexy or seductive, I didn’t want to draw any attention on myself in the hotel. I packed my condoms and my lube,and I went to O.R Tambo.
The concierge services attended me and when when they valet my car,they ask me which date I’m checking out. Without thinking I said Ill be done in 1 hour.

Damn that was stupid! Who just stays for 1 hour wearing a Versace dress in the middle of the day? The minute I walked through the doors it felt like everybody saw straight through me. As I walked to reception I kept my chin up high,I didn’t dare taking my Bvlgari’s off.
I asked them for mr.Roberts in room 308 from Houston.

“And who are you,madam?”
“My name is Foxy…”

Fuck!!what was I thinking calling myself Foxy……That’s a giveaway.I could have just as well say, my name is Call Girl. As little miss Foxy went up the elevator,her heartbeat was also going higher. What is he going to look like? Its exciting, I felt and looked sexy.
As Mr. Roberts open the door I was pleasantly surprised.He is good looking, charming,and very well dressed. I spoke to Mr.Roberts and quickly realized he hasn’t left the airport yet.
He is just in transit before he catch the plane to the Kruger National park.

He kindly complimented me on my dress and asked me if I ever wear traditional clothes?
“Im not quite sure what is traditional clothing,you mean like Wilma Flinstone?”
He apologised and said he hope he didn’t offend me.
To lit up the conversation  I said”Never Darling,I think its kind off sweet— if you you specified the clothing I sure Im could have hunted a Bokkie down and make some African outfit?”

Mr .Roberts asked me how did I get to the airport, continuing saying its too dangerous to use public transport, right? I was being my silly self and I said I have a Zebra. Mr.Roberts “Are you serious? That’s like so cool!” I then showed him my BMW 3 series convertible keys, this is how I get from point A to B.

I looked at his screen saver on his phone and computer and realised this dude is taking the African big 5 thing, (especially leopards) seriously… including 7 books and 8 magazines. Mr.Roberts then kindly handed me over me some lingerie he wanted me to wear. Mmmm… I do normally like leopard print… is it just a coincidence or maybe he really loves leopards?

Mr.Roberts asked me to put it on and when I returned dressed up from the bathroom,he was in his underwear and I  have never seen a guy getting a hard on,straight away….without touching or kissing. He started kissing me in my neck,and his perfectly manicured fingers stroke my body with sexy rhythmic movements.
He had an amazing body…he smelled nice. He wanted us to have sex with my underwear on,just sliding my panty to the side. As he penetrated me, he just stop…

“Foxy,I have something very embarrassing to ask you”
“Whats that Mr. Roberts?”

He has got three more items he want me to put on before we start. He handed over the bag and when I opened it in the bathroom, I realized this guy wants to fuck a leopard. He gave me an Alice band with two leopard ears and lycra stuck on tail,and little leopard slippers.

This makes me feel as sexy as my colon cleansing sessions. Well I thought he is the client,he made a transatlantic flight and this leopard will not disappoint him. I took my eye liner draw a little black nose and whiskers. I stepped out of the bathroom and he thought I looked amazing? When he saw me all dressed up he as his dream animal,we straightway had sex.

“Foxy, last favor, I will tip you well, please imitate the sound of a a leopard while we’re having sex.”

I wish I had a google button in my brain… I have no idea what a leopard sounds like. I roared like a lion. “Foxy, you from Africa you should know that they make a more cat like purr rather than a lion roar?”

So I started purring… getting bonked, dressed like a leopard and continued  purring… I looked at myself in the mirror,all tailed up with leopard ears– I looked ridiculous and had to pinch myself from burst out laughing. Mr.Roberts came straightaway. That was quick? I couldn’t help it as I fantasized the whole plane trip about having sex like this.
I lay in his arms and he stroke my head like you would stroke a cat. I told Mr. Roberts that he might need to see the real thing,but I would advise him to rather bonk me on his return lay over… We both burst out laughing, he told me I was great, tipped me $100 and agreed that my pussy will be the nearest he will ever get to a Leopards pussy.

Many thanks to Elite South Africa Escorts for contributing this piece. 

Foxy Divine,

The Dominatrix in Durban

What do men want?

What do men want from escorts? Why have they been using escorts since biblical times? Some men use escorts because they don’t have time for a real relationship. Some men are very wealthy and they use escorts just because they can. Because its easier, a simple exchange, without trust or consequence. For the busy always traveling executive, investing in prostitution, will be the closest thing to a real relationship he will ever get.

Dirty Indian

Indian men on the other hand use escorts just to try forbidden fruit. It doesn’t mean just because they won’t jump the ‘colour’ barrier when it comes to marriage the same rule applies when it comes to sex.

But one of the main reasons why most men use call girls is simply because they want something their wives or girlfriends can’t offer them. Just a great time with no strings attached. Maybe just a weird fantasy they’ve got that they can not admit to their wives but easily share with an escort. This is exactly what happened today here in Durban.

Mr.Moosa was very shy on the phone and when he arrived he continued with a very apologetic approach. His attitude surprised me when I established he is an executive in the banking world. After chatting for a while I realised he wanted a distorted type of S&M sex. I accessed the situation and if it was his fantasy to get humiliated to a ridiculous degree and I was the one who was going to help him. And yes… I do agree that it would be better that loved ones such as a wife does not know that deep down the man they’re married to craves to get treated like a rubbish bag?

Bad doggy!

I told Mr.Moosa to get undressed and then put my dogs leash around his neck -The soles of my beautiful Italian shoes were dirty and I ordered Mr.Moosa to lick this off. Like a good dog he licked the soles squeaky clean. For a reward I took him to his water bowl filled with red wine, while I was enjoying mine out of a Swarovski glass.
There was a split second or so I felt guilty but I reminded myself that the customer is always right. I gave Mr. Moosa several tasks to perform on his hands and knees. There was a few dirty spots on my floor that required his tongue to polish it and if I was unhappy with his cleaning skills I pulled the leash tightly until his face turned red.

Ante it up!

Mr. Moosa then gave me the sign that he wants me to turn up the violence – I ordered him to bend over and I whipped the living crap out if him, he begged me to stop but I could see his hard cock growing stronger and stronger, which made me decide to start kicking him in the ass with my sharp heel and just here and there he would burst with a loud pleasurable but yet painful scream.

Gone was pathetic Mr. Moosa, in fact when he left my apartment he left as the charming, confident, banking executive which the whole of South-Africa looked up to.

Many thanks to Elite South Africa Escorts for contributing this piece. 


Escort In Pretoria

Blue Bull rugby, beautiful churches, purple Jakarandas, Brannas and Coke, pretty girls and well kept woman. Also plenty of escorts… And the wonderful husbands do love to indulge in hookers.

Holy man

I was going to meet Jan-Hendrik at the Sheraton Pretoria just moments form his house. I saw that he wants to “start with business “. He asked me to kneel. I assumed that he meant doggie style, and I straightaway pulled my pants down and kneeled. He told me to put it back on as we are about to pray. WTF?

He started praying. Forgive me Father for I’m about to sin. He explained to God, that his wife is denying his needs and he has no other option than to have paid sex with a prostitute – maybe he forgot that the actual prostitute is in the room, next to him! Hearing him, I just kept my eye on the envelope and tried not to laugh. He continued that he respects the 10 commandments and divorce is no option.


He asked Gods forgiveness and thankfully for some mercy on our souls. There you go – all justified! We started having sex. Have to admit that Jan-Hendrik looked very deprived, he touched my breasts like its the first time, he ate my pussy like you would eat a sweet juicy peach and loved every single second of being inside me.

When I realized he is was close to coming, I made the mistake of saying “Oh my God come for me baby”- he lost his hard on and we had to start over again. I can not use the Lords name in vain.

Lekker vetkoek

When we were done Jan-Hendrik bragged to me that no one in the whole of Pretoria bakes Vetkoek like his wife and offered me one that his wife packed for him for lunch. She might not be fond of me shagging her husband but she sure is a great cook!

Many thanks to Elite South Africa Escorts for contributing this piece. 



One of the greatest advantages of being a high class, call girl is the traveling aspect. Sometimes abroad and sometimes it’s just fun to get whisked away to my favourite local city Cape Town.

I got to spend the night at the luxurious, super fancy One and Only. I was awarded a great amount of compensation for my company and got treated to a business class return ticket. As my customer, Robbie, was at the mining Indaba I had the whole day for myself.

I spent my day between Clifton beach and the Waterfront shopping mall. When Robbie returned from his day at the convention centre he took me for dinner. Robbie is an Australian that made his fortune from the booming mining industry in Perth.

Over dinner Robbie asked me that if he would triple the amount of money that we agreed on, can I fulfill his fantasy- without listening to his request I said absolutely.

The rapist

He told me to wait a second and listen and then answer. He first reassured me that our current deal will not be jeopardized if I don’t agree to his fantasy. Secondly there will be no violence involved. And lastly was his fantasy – he wanted to have sex with me, whilst I’m role playing resisting him.

I must pretend I’m having sex against my will – let’s call a spade a spade, his fantasy was to rape me. Ok that wasn’t what I was expecting and I am a fierce feminist which would never tolerate violence against woman but, if we agreed on role playing this scenario we can not exactly call it rape… right?

No Pochahontas!

Like an actress, that’s getting paid to role play a rape scene, I decided to go with it which in the end would triple my nights income. So, I told Robbie the answer is yes and in a sick weird way he started looking forward to pop this ‘rape’ cherry of mine.
We agreed on a safe-word – ‘Pochahontas’. We will use this if we either want to stop the scene or reduce the level of intensity.

As we entered the room he ripped my panties off, I was yelling for help, screaming and kicking him off me. He forced his way in to me, I ran toward the door pretending to try and leave the room. Banging on the door, again he forced his way into my super wet pussy. Unfortunately my pussy is not able to act if she is actually enjoying something. Robbie stopped and said “Pochahontas“? And I screamed ”No Pochahontas, I’m about to cum, continue raping me!” We both came simultaneously and then we realized the security is banging on the door. Putting our robes on we opened the door to four armed security men.
They said that the room next door suspected violence I quickly showed them the condom wrap and explain this is the way we ”do it”. They then insisted to talk to me alone where I had to confirm our story.

Getting back to the room

When I got back into the room, Robbie who was petrified by then, decided to quadruple the agreed sum of compensation. He followed by making passionate love to me. Pretending to get raped, was a different experience ,I enjoyed it, however I’m not sure if I will do it again!

Many thanks to Elite South Africa Escorts for contributing this piece.