Sex Tips from 15 Real Women

Sex Tips from 15 Real Women

Sex Tips from 15 Real Women

What do real women dream about in the bedroom? Keep your sex life interesting by bringing all of her dirty sex fantasies to life. Unleashing her ultimate orgasm may not be as difficult as you think. Tease her until she can’t take anymore, with some real life sex advice from the bedrooms of 15 naughty women.

Read on for 15 women’s top sex tips on foreplay, sex, and more:

Tease her

Getting her wet and wild is all about setting the mood. Tease her erogenous zones and get her in the mood for sex:

“Never underestimate the power of a few well-placed kisses. It drives me crazy when my boyfriend starts kissing the nape of my neck and gently nibbling on my ear lobe – I get tingles all the way down to my clitoris. After a few minutes I’m literally begging him to just put it in.”

—Tess, 27

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk can drive a woman wild for sex. Tell her how badly you want her, and she will be itching to act it out your naughty desires:

“You don’t have to save all the naughty stuff for the bedroom. If you’re out at a fancy dinner, tell your girl how badly you want her across the table. If you’re at a bar, put your hand on her ass and tell her the things you’ll do to her when you get home. Telling women how desirable they are will give them the confidence to act out all your dirty fantasies later.”

—Marianna, 31

Boob appreciation

Nipple play is great prelude to sex. Tantalise them in just the right way for an incredibly erotic experience:

“It drives me insane when my boyfriend takes the time to pay attention to my boobs. I don’t just mean grabbing, I mean kissing and licking until my nipples are hard and then giving them little bites. By that time I’m usually so wet that just a little fingering will make me cum—and the times he’s bitten down while his hand is down there I’ve had the most mind-blowing orgasms ever.”

—Laine, 27

Go Solo

Women are visual too, and love the sight of a man getting turned on in the bedroom. Introduce masturbation to your sex life, and she will be craving more:

“I know it may sound strange, but watching my boyfriend get himself off is such a turn on. I’ll start by lying down naked next him, my body against his, and play with his member until he gets hard. Then I put his hand down there and just rub my body against him and watch. I think it makes me so hot ’cause it’s kind of taboo, something he would do in private, but I also like actually seeing how much I turn him on.”

—Leslie, 25

Give her the reigns:

Let her take control during sex, and she will have her way with you. Sit back and enjoy the view while she rides you to the point of no return:

“When my fiancé and I are doing it missionary I usually feel as if I’m on the brink of coming and it makes me go totally wild. I’ll push him back so I can get on top, place my arms on his to hold them down, and just ride him hard until I cum—and keeping eye contact the whole time makes it extra intense. So my note to guys is, there’s nothing wrong with lying back and just enjoying the view.”

—Brooke, 24

Wet and wild

Try sex in the bathtub for some erotic intimacy:

“Everyone talks about shower sex, but on nights when it’s cold out or on a lazy Sunday draw a bath and get in together. Since you’re both in the water you don’t have to worry about the water flying in your face or one of you getting cold. Adding bubbles is a nice touch, too. Since some of your body is hidden, it helps with loosening inhibitions.”

—Julie, 29

Turn on the Porn

Women also enjoy visual stimulation during sex. Turn on some naughty fantasies to spice things up:

“It doesn’t happen often, but every now and then when my husband and I are feeling especially frisky we’ll put some porn on. We’ll take turn getting on our knees and going down on each other while the other sits on the couch and the finish by going at it doggy style.”

—Nikola, 30

Doggy Style 2.0

Perfect for deep penetration, try this twist on doggy style for some mind blowing sex:

“My favourite sex position is when I lie down on the bed and a guy takes me from behind. Keeping a steady rhythm and grabbing my ass real tight will usually end with us coming at the same time and pretty quickly—it’s that good.”

—Frieda, 23

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